Baby Pterodactyl

by arcadecoma.



Baby Pterodactyl is a compilation from Pterodactyl Squad featuring Please Lose Battle, Alex Mauer, lpower, (T-T)b, Videogame Orchestra and more.

This song is an outtake from the '...In The Snow EP' recording sessions and is a part of the story of that EP. We played this song live once at Ultrachip 2010 (our first ever show!) so we have a fondness for it but ultimately it isn't our finest moment. The ChipWIN blog was very kind about it though:

"‘Sonic 2 Epilepsy’ doesn’t sound much like a Sonic theme, or even a song that one would encounter on a Genesis/Mega Drive game in the first place. Rather, it’s decidedly Nintendo sounds continue the feeling of contentment and adventure established by Fragger2040, deepening the impression on ones soul that reminds them of what they’ve overcome and fills them with hope for the adventures to come. Snappy drums, stuttering rhythms, and looping melodies that conjure images of running through loop de loops (perhaps the only thing seemingly in tune with the title) makes for an experience that is, for lack of a better word, pleasant. This song is pleasant, and I’m a-okay with that, especially because this song acts as a palette cleanser before the next act."


released July 3, 2015




arcadecoma. Edinburgh

arcadecoma. are Ross Murdoch and Martin Smart - a lo-fi instrumental rock duo from Edinburgh, Scotland. They play melodic yet melancholic LSDJ songs backed with fuzzy guitar and driving bass. The long overdue followup to 2007's 'The Game Boy Tree Adventures EP' will be released later this year on Pterodactyl Squad. ... more

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