Weezer - The Second 8​-​bit Album

by arcadecoma.



My contribution to Pterodactyl Squad's unexpected sequel to the original 2009 Weezer tribute album. Download the full thing at www.ptesquad.com/more/pte063.html. It features the hits by Comptroller, The Laohu, Men of Mega and many more.

I made this with LittleGPPiggyTracker on a PSP with Commodore 64 samples by little-scale. Chorus vocal by Jareth the Goblin King.


released July 20, 2016




arcadecoma. Edinburgh

arcadecoma. are Ross Murdoch and Martin Smart - a lo-fi instrumental rock duo from Edinburgh, Scotland. They play melodic yet melancholic LSDJ songs backed with fuzzy guitar and driving bass. The long overdue followup to 2007's 'The Game Boy Tree Adventures EP' will be released later this year on Pterodactyl Squad. ... more

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